Social Media Consulting Services

Crescendo Communications helps our clients in creating a robust presence online through internet marketing outreach, social media strategic planning, awareness campaigns and creating an online community presence. You don’t just need a facebook or twitter account- you need a social media strategy to achieve online media campaign goals. We bring together creative ideas on how to use social media to engender growth at minimal cost.. We help profit and nonprofit organizations with all facets of social media strategic planning and execution. Our services involve strategizing, creating a social presence and running campaigns.
The reason why businesses need a social media strategic plan is because it prevents any misunderstanding about the business from communities of followers to that business. We bring your brand into the limelight for the social media world to see what your core values are. During our planning, we select a network of social media that can robustly showcase all you stand for. It has been reported that online marketing is one of the widest means of reaching out to target audience who are directly linked to what organizations does.

Understanding Social Media Networking

The role of social media in your marketing is to use it as a communication tool that makes you accessible to those interested in your product and makes you visible to those that don’t know your product. Social media as a marketing tool can be use as a communication network that makes you accessible to those interested in your product and create visibility to those that don’t know about what you do. It is a much diversified media that can be used in whatever way best suits the interest an the needs of your business.

At crescendo communication what we do is to use social media to inform potential consumers about our clients’ products and services, who they are and what they offer. Identity awareness is one of our primary goals. We create Relationships with consumers through social media with people who might not otherwise know about our clients’ products and services or what they represent. We do not just talk about the latest product news and services but shares corporate bodies personalities with them (online community of people).

Social Media Marketing

MARKETING ONLINE:Companies using social media to market themselves online need to set objectives plan their approach and make sure it dovetails with their overall marketing strategy. Like any marketing, you will need to take a strategic and professional approach to your online social networking by doing the following: 1. Setting objectives and have targets   2.Creating a synergy between your online networking with your overall marketing strategy   3.Create time and set budget   4.Be flexible about how and when you use social media     5.Embrace criticism and turn negative thoughts into positive   6.Be mindful of the golden rule –no sales pitches.
FACEBOOK: Signing in to Facebook demands that pages created are registered in our clients’ company’s name. Pages not registered in company’s name are impossible to use on business fan page. A business lets us create a page where customers or fans of corporate bodies can register as a fan therefore expanding the presence of our client’s business.
TWITTER: We assist our clients to sign up to twitter and reserve an account in the name of their businesses. We send tweets using this business name. One important thing we do is to brand their twitter background and create vital links from this account to blog and websites. Tweets about new products, services and promotions are always very important and we accord them high significance.

Email and Newsletter Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is undoubtedly the most direct and efficient tool to get customers’ loyalty. The entire process starts with building your mailing list. We ensure that permission to email our clients’ fans club is obtained before e-mails are sent. An analysis of our clients’ email marketing result is ensured. This will allow for a better email marketing down the road because you will have a good understanding of what works better with your specific audience and what is not effective.
The contents of newsletters we send for clients is what keeps customers to reading our emails. An audience not interested in newsletters mail contents will only unsubscribe or emotionally unsubscribe. Our newsletters basically talk about our clients and how good their products and services are. We ensure that our newsletters are effective and deliver information of interest and value to the readers without being full of marketing and sales speak. We provide thoughtful, helpful and insightful information that are of value to readers. We ensure that once a reader subscribe to our clients’ newsletter, there make sure that we are consistent about sending them these contents periodically.