Creative Desgins

Graphic Designs Elements and Principles

At crescendo communications, the art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message in logos, graphic, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs and all other forms of visual communications evolves round effective designs and page layout. Designs usually have certain elements use to convey messages. This goes beyond words and photos used during the design. Essentially, the five basic elements of our design work is line, shapes, mass, texture, and color. Other terms are form, space, and value.

Logos, newsletters, brochures of all kinds, business cards, letterheads, magazines, newspapers, labels and packaging, book, book jackets, fliers, billboards.

Logos, Brochure and Business Cards

Logos must be design with the intention of having a brand recognized in the public. We make our logo design very important keeping in mind that the logo needs some uniqueness to make it different from that of competitors.
In brochure design, we have different sizes and shapes depending on the type of message we want to convey. We have the Tri-fold brochure and booklet brochure. The ultimate intention behind brochure designs is to grab someone’s attention and get them to make an impulse decision.
Business cards are direct representation of one’s business and the products and services that are offered. We create cards that leave an impression you would personally want to leave on your potential clients.

Billboards, Posters, Fliers and Letterheads Designs

BILLBOARD: In our billboard designs we see it as an outdoor sign or poster usually seen on freeways, highways and streets. This type of design is suitable for broad customer base because they reach as many potential customers as possible. In our design we use a captivating headline and strong supporting visual.
POSTERS: Poster designs should have simplicity as the key word. They must be impactful and direct to the message it tries to convey. We believe that we are in a world that everyone is in a hurry. Hence there should be minimal use of words with meaningful impacts.
FLIER AND SELL SHEETS DESIGNS: Fliers and sell sheets are forms of advertising. They can be used at trade fairs, in shops and mailers, newspaper and in specific sells locations. Fliers have limited contents and are focused on specific statement, discount in sales etc. A sell sheet can detail specific product or service with enough information on sales issues.
LETTERHEADS: We consider letterhead, envelopes, and business cards as corporate identity system or stationery package. They are very good in creating a good first impression. We use letterheads to express an identity beyond what the actual words used in the message can do.

Labels and Packages, Books, Newspapers/Magazines Designs

Labels are very important in any design package. We ensure that customers have vital information needed about a product through our label designs. A good product without a good is a disaster. A good product is as good as its packaging. We can design product package that truly gives your product a good look and entices customers to patronize it. Is your product outdated think Crescendo today for professional package designs.
BOOK DESIGN: Book design is very important in terms of layout of images, text, spaces and color. These are imperative when pages are very many. We make layout of books very attractive for readers to read. To us the importance of a book is not only in its contents but also in the designs.
We put news content into newspapers and magazines of every size and shape. In these types of design dummies and grids, type selection, formats and page layout, illustrations, writing and photojournalism are used to make a complete whole that makes them worth reading.