Journalistic Practices


CORE VALUES OF OUR PRACTICE: The most valuable concepts in journalism are accuracy, independence, fairness, transparency and professional responsibility of journalists in the discharge of their duties. Crescendo Communications does not only see these values as a statement of industrial standard within journalistic practices but as dynamic concepts aimed at providing guidance in a constantly changing environment.
ACCURACY: We ensure that everything we publish is true. Our commitment indicates that we value journalistic accuracy above creative impact in all spheres of the practice.
INDEPENDENCE: In discharging our duties we avoid conflicts of interest and remain free of external manipulation that might interfere with reporting and publishing.
FAIRNESS: Acting justly in respect to people, their privacy in a bid to minimize harm shows our level of fairness in our news content.
TRANSPARENCY: At times we shed light on our reports, explaining how and why we sometimes make controversial reporting.
PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our news contents are of professional standards, high quality and good taste with genuine regard for others.  

Our Responsibilities

MEDIA QUEST: At Crescendo Communications, we basically help organizations in consultancy services regarding journalism. We help our clients facilitate the establishment of print and electronic media, carry out readership and viewership audience research to determine the viability of a would-be medium. We also help in recruiting manpower into the field. It takes a professional to know a journalist that will uphold the ethics of the profession and that posses needed skills.

In doing this, we watch out for ten cardinal attributes of news content wrting in a person: How to find something to write about, Interviewing skills, How to choose best quotes or column breaks, Good reporting techniques, Level of objectivity and fairness, Crafting a good lead, Structure of the news story, Ways of attributing information from sources, Adherence to stylebook rules and Qualities of following up stories